Administrative Directory

Rita Kandel
Chair: Rita Kandel
Room: 6231
Phone: 416-978-2557
Joanne D'Angelo
Chair's Assistant: Joanne D'Angelo
Room: 6231
Phone: 416-978-2557
Christine Kreutzer
Manager, Business and Administration: Christine Kreutzer
Room: 6215
Phone: 416-978-6065
Human Resources & Payroll: Patricia Cayetano
Room: 6219
Phone: 416-978-8757
Ravinder Dhillon
Finance & Grants: Ravinder Dhillon
Room: 6217
Phone: 416-978-4059
Web and Communications Coordinator: TBA
Robin Wilcoxen
Special Projects Coordinator: Robin Wilcoxen
Room: 6243
Phone: 416-978-3128
Louella D'Cunha
MSB Administrative Coordinator: Louella D'Cunha
Room: 6221
Phone: 416-946-0136
Paula Nixon
Postgraduate: Paula Nixon
Room: 6231
Phone: 416-978-7535
Rama Ponda
Sr. Graduate Administrator (Acting): Rama Ponda
Room: 6209
Phone: 416-978-2550
Sue Balaga
Graduate Administrator (acting): Sursattie Sue Balaga
Room: 6209
Phone: 416-978-2663
Undergraduate (Arts & Science): TBA
Room: 6221
Phone: 416-946-7459