Documentation Checklist & Instructions

Promotion/ Reclassification Dossier Requirements (to Assistant Professor)

Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2019
Documents to be submitted electronically to LMP HR Coordinator.


1. Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae

Cover Letter

Address the following points in your letter (approx 3-5 pages):

  • reason for seeking promotion (e.g. sustained commitment to academic mission or advanced education)
  • short narrative of your academic career history.  For clinicians (MD only), indicate your academic job description and state percentage time for clinical, research, teaching and service activities.
  • brief summary of your accomplishments in the following areas including their impact (most significant accomplishment should be described first):
    • research, if applicable
    • creative professional activity, if applicable
    • teaching
    • administrative service
  • outline future direction
  • Write your letter so that a non-specialist in your field could understand.

2. Curriculum Vitae

3.   Most Signficiant Publications

  • List of 5 most significant publications & including a short paragraph describing the significance and your contribution
  • Copies of your 5 most significant publications

4.  Research Documentation, if applicable

  • Research Statement

5. Creative Professional Activity Documentation, if applicaable

If this section applies to you, please read the LMP Promotions Task Force - CPA Report.

  • CPA Report (see template)
  • Your report must give the reader a clear and concise view of your accomplishments, their impact and the evidence of this impact.  The report should:
    • Describe your key accomplishment(s). It may be necessary for you to provide some background for reviewers who are non-specialist in your field.
    • Describe clearly your role in this development.
    • Explain the level of impact or influence – local, national or international position, and affected stakeholders (clinicians, hospital staff, public),
    • Include a brief description of how this accomplishment showed exemplary professional practice

4. Teaching and Education Documentation

  • Teaching and Education Report (see template)
  • Your report must include:
    • a statement of your teaching philosophy, including an assessment of the impact of teaching activities.
    • Describe all activities related to the administration, organizational and developmental aspects of education. Describe the nature and extent of your involvement and level of responsibility, clearly indicating when you had a major responsibility for the design of a course.
    • Give a summary of your teaching goals within the next 5 years.
  • Attach supporting documentation such as course and lecture outlines, letters of invitation to teach at other centres, etc.
  • Include teaching evaluation reports or assessments. For example, summaries of course assessments, per course, per year, results of peer assessments of teaching effectiveness, solicited and unsolicited testimonial letters from colleagues, letters from senior members of the Faculty who have made personal observations at national meetings, CE courses and/or seminars and symposia (if applicable)

5. Administrative Service Documentation

  • Write a brief outline of your service activities for the department, the Faculty of Medicine, the University, your discipline, and your professional community or other targeted communities.

6. Referees

The Chair may seek assessments from other departments at the University of Toronto where the candidate holds cross-appointments, as well as other external and internal referees. Referees may not necessarily be those named by the candidate.


Sample promotion dossiers are available to be reviewed in the LMP Office.  Please contact the LMP HR Coordinator for more information.