Professor Andrew Simor

For decades, physicians have relied on antimicrobial drugs to treat infections. However, these drugs are becoming less effective as microbes find clever ways to circumvent human drug design.

The... Read More

Ju-Yoon Yoon

Training for medical residents is more complex than ever before. Family medicine residents train years longer than their peers a generation ago; specialists choose from more specialties and often do sub-specialty training. Mentorship is critical... Read More

Robyn Elphinstone headshot

Medical school, graduate school, medical school. That's the course of study for students in the University of Toronto's MD/PhD program — a long but rewarding path that prepares... Read More

Name: Jana Neiman-Zenevich
Program/year: Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP)
Role/position: Choreographer and leader of the LMP Dance Crew

So you think you... Read More

Jayesh Salvi, LMP alumnus

Name: Jayesh Salvi
Program: Completed PhD in 2014
Position: Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California

He researched DNA instability at U of... Read More

Professor George Charames, LMP alumnus

By Michelle Lee
It took 19 years of international research efforts to map out the entire human genome. Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, current technology can now sequence a person’s genome... Read More

Fourth-year LMP undergraduate Pathobiology Specialist Program student Jelena Tanic

Jelena Tanic, co-president of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology’s Student Union (LMPSU) and aspiring clinician-scientist, discusses her experience in LMP’s Specialist Program. Now in her final year of undergraduate studies,... Read More

Tao Wang Headshot

It's been a busy year for Tao Wang. The fourth-year anatomical pathology resident in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology recently completed a Master of Science in the Clinician Investigator Program at the... Read More

Felix Leung

Felix Leung graduated in November 2016 with a doctorate from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology. He is now a fellow in the department's postdoctoral... Read More

Christina Kim

Name: Christina Hyunjin Kim

Role/position: LMP Master’s Student and Conductor of LMP A Cappella Choir

Christina Kim knows the value of building community. The first-year Master’s student started LMP... Read More

Elizabeth Kagotho

It was her first time traveling outside of Africa, and it was an experience that didn’t disappoint. Elizabeth Kagotho, a clinical pathology resident from Aga Khan University Hospital in Kenya, recently completed a two-month observership in... Read More

LMP alumnus Alex Tam

For over a century, scientists believed that the eye lacked lymphatics. However, research conducted by LMP alumnus Alex Tam (MSc) and Professors Yeni Yücel (MD, PhD, FRCPC) and Neeru... Read More

Stephen Rubino

In 2013, LMP alumnus Stephen Rubino (PhD) completed his highly successful PhD with Professor Stephen Girardin (PhD). During his degree, he published in several high-ranking journals including Nature Medicine in... Read More

Roland Xu

Using music as a means of inspiration, Roland Xu organizes the Mount Sinai Minstrels, a group of volunteer musicians that plays classical music for patients, their families and hospital staff each week. A recent alumnus of the undergraduate... Read More

Avrum Gotlieb

How do you best plan for a career in biomedical and life sciences? How do you have a successful training experience, search for a job and establish yourself in a fulfilling career?

Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP) Professor Avrum... Read More

LMP Professor and Chair Richard Hegele, Alena Zelinka and Professor Michal Opas

Third-year pathobiology specialist student Alena Zelinka discusses her experience of conducting summer research with Professor Jeffrey Lee. She is the inaugural recipient of the 2014 Graduate and Life Sciences Education Undergraduate Summer... Read More

Prof. Allison McGeer

As a microbiology and infectious disease consultant at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology’s (LMP) Professor Allison McGeer (MSc, MD, FRCPC) uses her background in research every day. She attended the... Read More

Fourth-year medical student Reika Ikegami

From Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Reika Ikegami is a fourth-year medical student who is conducting research with LMP Professor Michael Ohh. Reika was chosen from seven students who wanted to study abroad and will return to Japan in... Read More

PhD candidate Miao Xu

We are proud to welcome PhD candidate Miao Xu (MD, MSc) to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP). She is the recipient of a prestigious 2013-14 Ontario Trillium Scholarship, which is worth $160,000 over four years and... Read More

MSc candidate Paul McKeever

By Jim Oldfield

Ten years ago, Paul McKeever was a stone mason with no high school diploma. Today, he is conducting cutting-edge research on the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, which blighted the final years of his grandmother’s... Read More