LMP faculty promotions 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

We are pleased to congratulate the seven faculty members in LMP who received approval from the Provost for promotion effective July 1, 2015. These highly respected individuals are being recognized by peers within the University, nationally and internationally for their accomplishments in scholarship, teaching and service.




Faculty promoted to the rank of Professor

Danny Ghazarian, University Health Network
Professor Danny Ghazarian has made major contributions in the practice of dermatopathology. He has achieved national and international recognition for promoting excellence in dermatopathology as a professional subspecialty of anatomical pathology, and furthering dermatopathology as an academic discipline. He has improved clinical practice through his seminal publications and has built a world-class consultation service and dermatopathology training program in Canada.


Emina Torlakovic, University Health Network
Professor Emina Torlakovic’s major academic interests have been in quality assurance and quality control in laboratory medicine. She has been a major player in the field of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and is co-responsible for establishing authoritative IHC programs nationally and internationally. In addition, her work on sessile serrated adenomas of the colon has revolutionized clinical practice in anatomical pathology, gastroenterology and oncology.


George Yousef, St. Michael’s Hospital

Professor George Yousef’s internationally recognized research program takes two parallel directions to improve early diagnosis and treatment of cancer: (1) the identification of molecular biomarkers for urological malignancies, and (2) the discovery of new molecular targets for the development of therapies. His discoveries impact on our new era of personalized medicine in kidney and prostate cancers through the discovery of non-invasive urinary biomarkers for the diagnosis of kidney cancer, and biomarkers that can predict treatment efficiency. In addition, Yousef’s contributions to the advancement of education in LMP, nationally and internationally, have been recognized.



Faculty promoted to the rank of Associate Professor

Eleanor Latta, St. Michael’s Hospital

Professor Eleanor Latta has made significant contributions in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and curriculum development. Her distinguished record in teaching has been recognized by the Faculty of Medicine, LMP and St. Michael’s Hospital. Her numerous accolades include: the W. T. Aikins Award, John B. Walter Prize for Teaching/ Education, Residents’ Best Teacher Award, Kalman Kovacs Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Training, Bernadette Garvey Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching, and Outstanding Tutor for Problem-Based Learning given by the Fitzgerald Academy at St. Michael’s Hospital.


Yulia Lin, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Professor Yulia Lin is described as a rising star and national leader in transfusion medicine and clinical research. She has made her mark by enriching the transfusion medicine education programs, introducing new standards and guidelines in transfusion medicine, and setting best practices in blood conservation that have changed medical practice and education.


Ozgur Mete, University Health Network

Professor Ozgur Mete is recognized for his contributions in endocrine pathology. In particular, he has developed a new synoptic reporting format for patients with pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas, defined improved diagnostic criteria for vascular invasion in endocrine malignancies, extra-thyroidal extension in thyroid tumours, and identified biomarkers of parathyroid carcinoma. These advancements have led to changes in clinical practice and professional guidelines. His contributions to teaching and mentoring undergraduate, postgraduate and pathology colleagues have received considerable attention.


Corwyn Rowsell, Markham Stouffville Hospital

Professor Corwyn Rowsell has contributed to the establishment and dissemination of quality standards in the practice of pathology, and in advancing the practice of gastrointestinal pathology through his work on neuroendocrine tumours and invitations to various expert panels. In addition, Rowsell spearheaded the adoption of a web-based system for recording Multidisciplinary Case Conferences Discussions and management decisions for both the gastrointestinal and hepatobililary Tumour Boards/MCC.