Carolyn Jane Shiau
Carolyn Jane
Completed Anatomical Pathology Residency Program 2011, Fellowship in Dermatopathology 2012
In a diagnostic specialty like pathology, one of the most important and valuable educational experiences is seeing the exceptional cases first-hand through your own microscope. The University of Toronto's anatomical pathology residency program gives trainees the opportunity to see the cases that others may only read about in textbooks. The challenge of working through these cases leads to much greater appreciation of the wealth of resources – molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, immunohistochemical-proteonomics – that make this program so well-rounded. It is this exposure to the wealth of cases that attracted me to the training program as a resident and encouraged me to stay on as a fellow in dermatopathology.
Current Position: 
Staff Anatomical Pathologist, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, British Columbia
Research Focus: 

EGFR mutational analysis of lung adenocarcinoma and melanoma in the setting of novel targeted therapeutic agents.