Tracy Teodoro
Completed Clinical Chemistry Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2014
With a PhD in Biochemistry, I was very happy to find a program where my skills and talents could be applied to clinical practice. As a fellow in Clinical Chemistry, LMP, I am currently exploring the world of laboratory medicine at Mount Sinai hospital and applying my knowledge of laboratory practice to hospital service and patient care. In Toronto, the opportunities for learning are endless, with several teaching hospitals including Mount Sinai, Sick Kids, Toronto General and Princess Margaret, as well as an internationally recognized panel of Clinical Chemists and Professors. I am also happy to continue in research during these two years of the Clinical Chemistry program where my skills can be applied to the development of diagnostic assays. I am currently trying to implement an automated test for Vitamin D which is expected to produce faster results than previous tests. Overall this program has been very fulfilling and exciting. For anyone who is interested in clinical application of their research skills, I would highly recommend training in Clinical Chemistry!