Will Chen
Completed Anatomical Pathology Residency Program 2013
I am very happy with choosing the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Toronto for my pathology residency training. It is the largest pathology program in Canada and offers a huge variety and volume of cases that is essential for excellent training in pathology. Many faculty members are experts in their fields and amazing teachers. I really enjoy the fact that there are ample research opportunities: you can approach any staff for a research project and they will be fully supportive and provide you with numerous resources to turn your idea into a publication. They also provide mentorship support and help you realize your career goals. I was able to secure my fellowship thanks to the advice and recommendations from the many pathologists I've worked with. I think the training provided by LMP is one of the best in the country and prepares us to succeed and become leaders in the field in whatever sort of pathology practice we end up in, be it community practice or a highly sub-specialized academic/research practice.
Research Focus: 

I have worked on projects related to immunohistochemistry of human papillomavirus in squamous cell cancer of the head and neck and on projects relating to a very rare form of T-cell lymphoma.