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  • Link to Proposal Development Resources

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UT Research Accelerator

The UT Research Accelerator is a unique platform that facilitates easy and secure collaboration and sharing of data and resources across the TAHSN scientific community and beyond. 

  • Share and request data and resources such as cell lines, antibodies, reagents, transgenic animals, research projects and much more
  • Getting started takes less than 2 minutes
  • Available for use by faculty, students, post docs, research scientists and lab technicians 
  • Create postings, invite discussions, create peer groups, and receive alerts about relevant resources.

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Faculty of Medicine Research Office

The Vice Dean Research Office provides a grant development, writing and editing service to investigators to help improve the effectiveness and readability of proposals, and to increase grant success rates.

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  • CIHR Updates
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  • Funding Opportunities
  • Internal Grant Program
  • Upcoming Award Deadlines
  • Summer Student Program Information
  • Recently Awarded Research Grants