Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program (SURE)

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation and recommendations by the University, the Department has decided to cancel the 2020 LMP Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Program. 


Application Process

Application Deadline: March 6, 2020

To be considered for departmental awards, but applications will continue to be accepted until the start of the program. Successful applicants will be notified by email.


In order to participate in the LMP SURE Program, you must:

1. Have at least a B+ (cGPA of 3.3) average in an undergraduate program;
2. Secure a LMP supervisor before applying;
3. Canadian citizen, permanent resident or international student with valid student visa;
3. Submit an on-line application form;

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Program Expectations

1. Must be available to work in a laboratory for a minimum of 12 weeks full time;
2. Must be able to attend the Orientation Session on May 4, 2020;
3. Must be able to participate in the LMP SURE Program Poster Day on August 13, 2020;

International Students

The LMP SURE Program is open to international students who currently study in a Canadian university with valid student visa and social insurance number (SIN) are considered the same as domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents). 

Foreign students who study at universities outside of Canada are able to apply into the LMP SURE program. In order to ensure there is enough time to obtain student visas for immigration, it is recommended foreign students have their supervisor match by the end of February. Please contact once you have completed the LMP SURE application form. The department will then provide you with confirmation of acceptance into the program. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the proper student visa and government approvals to legally enter the country and participate in the program.

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The LMP Faculty Research Database provides a quick and simple way to see which LMP Faculty are interested in supervising summer students. From this database, simply select "Accepting Summer Students" and click on "Apply".  From here you can view faculty research interests and access their contact information.  

Alternatively, from the Research Tab, simply select the research area of interest. This will provide a listing of all LMP faculty in that research area.

Tips on Locating a Supervisor

Identify the area of research you are interested in and focus on faculty in that area.
Speak with TAs and upper year students who have gained research experience or have participated in the program in the past.
Ensure your resume, transcript and application form are carefully prepared and up-to-date.
When contacting a supervisor, learn about their research, publications and view their website.
Start your search for supervisors early.

Tailor your cover letter to include:

Your knowledge of their research work;
A brief description of your research interests and skills/experience and how this ties in with their lab;
Your program, year-of-study and career goals.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.  Our office is here to help.  Good Luck!

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Step 2. Applying to the Program

All Applicants (including those who will be located in a hospital) must submit an online application form along with a transcript or a statement of results showing marks for all University courses completed (a printout from ACORN for UofT students is acceptable). 

You must include an active email address as this will be used to communicate your acceptance into the program and details regarding the weekly seminars and poster day.  Award winners will also be advised via email.

Applicants need to have a supervisor sponsor for the summer prior to submission of the application.

Confirmation of Acceptance into the Program:  Students who have met the above criteria will be admitted into the program and forwarded an email confirmation notice.

Link to Application Form

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Have questions about the application process for the program and awards?  View our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.

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