Student Association: LMPSU

The Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Student Union (LMPSU) serves as the representing body for all undergraduate students enrolled in the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Specialist Program, or any students who enrol in a pathobiology course. The executive team, a group of elected individuals motivated to improve and enrich the undergraduate experience, act as your go-to ambassadors for information, ideas, and support; we are dedicated to providing you with the support and services you need to make your academic career something you cherish. 

To that end, the LMPSU acts as:

  • Your sounding board; we want to make sure your questions and concerns are brought to the administration and that your comments about the program are heard
  • Your academic support team; we offer past tests for almost all LMP courses, and organize academic seminars meant to engage you in challenging ethical and scientific issues
  • Your social organizers; our social team works to provide you with engaging activities and awesome apparel to welcome you into the pathobiology family!
  • Your collaborators; we want to hear your ideas and work with you to implement them, be they academic or social in nature

How can you get involved? It’s simple: keep up to date by visiting our Facebook page, follow along with our list-serv e-mails, or attend any of our events – we’d love to get to know you and hear what you think! 

Executive Team:

Co-Presidents: Kevin Liu and Sudarshan Bala
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Michelle Lee
Vice President of Social Affairs: Khalid Fahoum
Vice President of Financial Affairs: Stefan Jevtic
Social Committee Representative: Christian Krustev
Second Year Representative: Ramana Trivedi
Third Year Representative: Negar Khosraviani
Non-Specialist Representative: Stephanie Lau
Internal Communications Officer: Alan Huynh
External Communications Officer: Hilary Pang
Web Communications Officer: Tsz-Ying So
Graphic Designer:  Yuhui Xie

Facebook page: