Sarah Xu
Completed HBSc 2011
LMP changed the way I view research, medicine and collaboration. I never thought that research could be so intellectually stimulating, but through the LMP Summer Student Research Program, I had the opportunity to experience research and appreciate its intellectual reward. Through the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Student Union (LMPSU), I met an amazing group of friends who are as motivated as myself. Together, we grew and learned. LMP is such a collaborative program; it's a joy and pleasure to learn with the best and from the best. Finally, LMP prepared me for a great career in medicine because of the rigorous basic science courses.
Current Position: 
MD Candidate, Yale School of Medicine, Class of 2015
Research Focus: 

I investigated the role of the cancer microenvironment on tumour growth such as how hypoxia promotes cancer cell proliferation and agiogenesis. I also investigated the role of the immune system in cancer development, as well as discovering new biomarkers that are important in prognosis.