William Fung
Completed BSc 2012
To me, LMP is like that quiet cafe you sometimes find just off a busy, bustling street. Outside, there is the high energy, fast pace, and mass of people that is the University of Toronto; inside, in LMP, is a group of very intelligent individuals who surprise me constantly with their talents, who do not hesitate to help each other out (regardless of the time of day!) and people who genuinely love the things that they are learning and doing. It is an excellent environment to learn in, with professors willing to look after the needs of the class, as well as a range of topics so broad that everyone finds something they enjoy. Although I have enjoyed my moments in the activity and vibrancy of the University at large, it is the time that I have shared with the close-knit group inside LMP that is the crowning gem of my experiences here.
Current Position: 
MD Candidate, McMaster Medical School, Class of 2015