The Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP)

The Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) is a professional work-integrated learning program for Faculty of Arts & Science students enrolled in the Specialist Program in Pathobiology

ASIP is administered by the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Experiential Learning & Outreach Support (ELOS) Office.

Important dates

  • June 10 - July 10, 2023: applications are open
  • September 8, 2023: you will be notified of admission
  • September 20, 2023: mandatory programming starts

What is ASIP?

ASIP is a stream within the program that allows you to explore different career options, broaden your academic learning in a professional context, and to gain valuable work experience, all while completing your degree.

If you enroll in the ASIP stream, you will complete:

  1. Mandatory Professional Development programming
  2. Between 12 and 20 months of paid, full-time, academically related work experience. 

We would expect you to complete your degree in five years (non-ASIP completion is four years). 

If you complete all mandatory Professional Development requirements and a minimum of 12 months of work experience, you will graduate with the ASIP stream acknowledged on your transcript. 

Find out more details on the ASIP web page

Mandatory Professional Development programming

This will help you prepare for your work opportunities and maximize your learning while completing the work experience. 

It will consist of 4 zero credit weight courses taken over 4 academic terms (Year 2 entry) or 2 academic terms (Year 3 entry). 

The completion of these courses is mandatory for the ASIP stream of each program, in addition to the regular academic requirements of the program.

Work experience

You will complete 12-20 months of paid, full-time work in the private, not-for-profit, and/or public sectors.  

  • If you enroll in ASIP for the Fall term of Year 2: the first, 4-month work term will take place in the summer between Year 2 and 3, followed by a longer 8, 12 or 16-month work term following the completion of Year 3. 
  • If you enroll in ASIP for the Fall term of Year 3: you will complete 12 or 16 months of work experience after Year 3 over one or two work terms.  


You will be provided a wide range of professional development supports as you progress through the ASIP stream of your program, including:

  • workplace readiness and job search coaching
  • access to the ASIP job board
  • professional skill development training
  • access to the Employer Relations Staff and Student Development staff
  • industry information sessions
  • resources to support students facing barriers to employability
  • community-building events. 

Acceptance into the ASIP stream does not guarantee a your employment in each work term.

Who can take part and how?

You must be enrolled in the LMP Specialist Program in Pathobiology and be entering Year 2. Starting in the 2023-2024 academic year, students entering Year 3 can also apply. 

There are five spaces available.

You must submit a supplementary application.   


To be eligible for admission to ASIP, you must meet the following core requirements:  

  • Be enrolled in the Specialist Program in Pathobiology.
  • Entering Year 2 (4.0-8.5 credits completed) as a full-time student in the upcoming fall/winter session. 
  • Year 2 students who exceed the 8.5 credit limit due to transfer credits (whether from secondary school or postsecondary studies), with up to 10 credits at the time of entry, will also be considered. 
  • Students going into Year 3 (up to 13.5 credits completed) who enrolled in an eligible program in the summer after Year 2 may also be admitted to the ASIP stream of their program, but entry will be dependent on space and will require approval of both the student’s academic unit and the Experiential Learning & Outreach Support (ELOS) office. Refer to the Year 3 Entry Eligibility information. 
  • Be in good academic standing or on probation at the time of application and must remain in good academic standing or on probation to continue in ASIP and apply for a work term.   
  • Be returning to full-time studies after completion of all work term requirements. Students returning for only one term must be enrolled in at least 1.5 credits in that term. 
  • Not currently participating in another co-op program at the University of Toronto.  
  • Both domestic and international students from eligible programs may participate. All international students require a valid work permit to participate in a work term. The International Student Immigration Advisors at the Centre for International Experience (CIE) can provide guidance and support, if needed. Students are encouraged to apply for any required work permit as soon as possible after being admitted to the ASIP stream of their program. 
  • Students with part-time status may be considered for the program if they have received accommodation from the University. Examples of accommodation include, but are not limited to, being registered with Accessibility Services. Students with accommodation needs should contact

Questions about whether you are eligible to apply to ASIP? Please contact

How much does it cost?

The cost to participate in the full program will be paid over a series of six installments, paid as ancillary fees which will be assessed on each Professional Development work term course, while the final two payments will be assessed on the first two work terms between Year 3 and Year 5. 

Refer to the ASIP Fees & Financial Aid website for further details.

Application process

The ASIP stream of each program is limited enrolment. You must submit a supplementary application.   

Holistic admissions criteria will form the basis for admission. We will consider the following criteria:   

  • Demonstrated leadership, communication, teamwork and community-building qualities 
  • Evidence of motivation to learn and develop 
  • Resilience and ability to overcome challenges 
  • Sense of self and sense of responsibility, ability to learn from mistakes 

Your application package should include:

  1. Your resume
  2. Your responses to four short-answer non-cognitive questions exploring the above qualities.  

The ASIP program’s mission is to help you prepare for professional life through work-integrated learning. We strive to provide inclusive services that enable all students to thrive and succeed in the program, including those from equity-deserving groups. We encourage all interested students to apply to the program. 

More on applying on the ASIP webpage.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact