Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) 

All Full-Time Clinical faculty and Diagnostic Lab Scientists in LMP are required to undergo an in-depth Continuing Appointment Review (CAR), formerly called the 3-year Review. 

The CAR is designed to assess the faculty member’s academic performance at the end of the faculty member’s third year of appointment.

The review process will elicit and consider all possible relevant information such as:

  • academic activities
  • teaching evaluations
  • opinions of colleagues and trainees. 

Written comments from department members, clinical colleagues, and the interprofessional team, formally or informally acquainted with the appointee's clinical and/or academic work will be solicited. 

The CAR dossier will be reviewed by the LMP Appointments and Promotions Committee (DAC/DPC) who will make a recommendation to the Chair. 

Faculty who hold their primary appointment in the Research Institutes are no longer required to undergo the CAR process. 

Contact Xilonem Lopez at for questions regarding the CAR process in LMP.

CAR process 

1. LMP HR will initiate the CAR at the end (or close to the end) of the faculty member’s third year of appointment. 

2. Candidate submits a dossier to LMP HR which includes:

LMP HR will submit the dossier to the Hospital Chief and Division Director, if applicable, for evaluation. 

3. The Hospital Chief and Division Director together submit a report to Department Chair, using the template (word doc). 

4. Both the candidate’s dossier and Hospital Chief and Division Director’s report are submitted to LMP’s DAC/DPC for review. 

5. DAC/DPC submits a recommendation to the Department Chair. Possible recommendations could be: 

  • transfer to continuing appointment for clinical (MD) faculty, or appointment renewal for non-clinical (PhD) faculty; 


  • set up a meeting that includes the Department Chair, Hospital Chief, Division Director and the candidate for further discussion. 

For clinical faculty, the Department Chair makes the final recommendation which will be submitted to the Dean. The Dean (or delegate) makes the final decision to approve or deny transfer to continuing annual appointment.

6. Upon completion of the review, the Department Chair will notify the faculty member of the outcome and provide detailed feedback.