Oct 25, 2021  |  12:00pm - 1:00pm
Equity and wellness event

Financial literacy, investing, and retirement planning: LMP Life School

Equity and wellness

Aimed at LMP faculty and postgraduate trainees - other members of the LMP community may attend if they feel it is relevant.

We go to school for many years to achieve successful careers but being proficient at handling adult life outside of work is something we are assumed to already know or pick up on the fly.

The LMP Mentorship Committee is pleased to introduce a series of coaching sessions, called LMP Life School, on a variety of topics from finances to health to time management to help you nourish a positive work-life balance.

We will be inviting experts in the field to give virtual sessions. 

Session one: financial literacy, investing, and retirement planning

Speaker: Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes, an emergency physician and award-winning author.

The session will give you a deeper understanding of the importance of educating yourself about your finances and what resources to use. You will learn about the differences between do-it-yourself investing and managed investing, and the basics of retirement planning.

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