How and when: the strategic planning process

There are many ways the LMP community has been involved in the planning process.

The main investigation phase is now complete. We will be publishing the outline of the plan later this year. You will then have the opportunity to get involved in putting it into action!

The ‘pollination phase’: February – April 2021 

Vice chairs and program directors met in February 2021 to discuss their thoughts and ideas on: 

  • What they value about LMP 
  • What our strengths are 
  • What could make LMP better 

They were also asked to interact with their teams/areas of LMP and gather feedback on questions related to the above topics and report back to the strategic planning committee. 

We circulated a survey to all members of LMP and 126 of you responded to it. Thank you! 

Focus groups took place in April 2021: 

  • Undergraduate student union, LMPSU (April 1st) 
  • Clinical postgraduate trainees (March 29th and April 6th) 
  • Junior faculty (Apr 8th) 
  • Graduate student union, CLAMPS (April 12th) 

Mid-career and senior faculty were encouraged to give their opinions in the survey, as well as discussing with the vice chairs or leaders. 

The ‘hives’: May/June 2021 

We hosted three ‘strategy hives’. 

These were 2.5-hour interactive sessions, each on a specific topic to explore emerging strategic questions (based on what we heard in the 'pollination phase'), building on each other. There were breakout sessions and opportunities to discuss the topics in depth. 

The Hives included anywhere from 30 – 70 people from the department, including key stakeholders, who are either experts in or passionate about the specific topic. These sessions brought together a cross-section of people around three key strategic questions, to develop priorities, goals, and actions for our overall strategy. 

Hive One: Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology 

Leading and integrating the disruptive innovations that will change the face of LMP (AI, sustainable discovery, digital pathology etc.) 

This first hive is the foundational event that will frame our strategic plan. The second and third hives will build on specific topics and what was discussed in the first hive. If you can only make one, try and make it this one.

Discover what happened in Hive One.

Hive Two: Orchestrating Collaborative Innovation  

Creating platforms and infrastructure that promote and incentivize interdisciplinary collaboration and the fusion of ideas that push discoveries further. 

Discover what happened in Hive Two.

Hive Three: Nurturing a Thriving Community 

Creating policies and structures that enable student and faculty connectivity and wellness in an environment committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Next steps

The strategic planning committee and our consultancy firm have processed all the information gathered and have developed the formal strategic plan framework. 

We will communicate the plan to you and work with you on how we can implement it into our daily lives. 

This will involve setting objectives, action plans, and reporting goals. 

There will be a Townhall-style event, open to all members of LMP, where the committee will present the plan and answer questions.