LMP340H1 - Introduction to Pathobiology I

Course description

Concepts in:

  • pathogenesis
  • cell injury
  • adaptation and death
  • oxidative stress
  • ion channels and pumps
  • calcium homeostasis.

Molecular basis of diseases affecting iron, blood and the cardiovascular system.

The laboratory examines anatomical and histopathological specimens in cardiac disease.

Course coordinator

Dr. Doug Templeton

Office address: 1 King’s College Circle, MSB 6275


Teaching assistant

Karen Fang



Fall 2021

Class location and time:

Wednesday 9:00-11:00 am


Tutorial location and time

Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00 pm


Office hours

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Course details

  • Hours: 24L/12T
  • Prerequisite information: Enrolment is limited to students specialized in Pathobiology who have completed, or are completing, the first and second year requirements of the program.
  • Prerequisites: n/a
  • Exclusions: LMP300Y1, LMP301H1, LMP363H1
  • Distribution requirements: Science
  • Breadth requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
  • Enrolment limits: 40 students

Student evaluation

Midterm multiple choice: November 3 - 20 %

Assignment: Due December 3 - 40 %

Final exam: December exam period - 40 %

See information on Academic Integrity





September 15

Course Introduction and cell injury

Doug Templeton

September 22

Tissue adaptation

Doug Templeton

September 29

Cell death

Doug Templeton

October 6

Oxygen and oxidative stress

Doug Templeton

October 13

Ion channels and pumps

Doug Templeton

October 20


Doug Templeton

October 27

Hematopoiesis and hemolytic disease

Denomme (online)

November 3

(Drop date November 8)

Term test (11:00 - 12:00)

Doug Templeton

November 10

Reading week


November 17

Cardiovascular pathobiology 

Avrum Gotlieb

November 24

Cardiovascular pathobiology

Avrum Gotlieb

December 1

Iron metabolism and thalassemia

Doug Templeton

December 8

Iron metabolism and thalassemia

Doug Templeton

Recommended reading or text book