LMP365H1 - Neoplasia 20L 4P

Course description

A general introduction to the cellular and molecular aspects of cancer and its etiology.

The laboratory component presents the range of benign and malignant tumor types at the gross and histological levels.

Pathophysiology of cancer – tumorigenesis, invasion/ metastases, analytical and therapeutic strategies.

Course coordinator

Dr. Harry Elsholtz

Office address: 1 King’s College Circle, MSB 6207


Teaching assistant

Sachin Kumar



 Winter 2021

Class location and time

Thursday 1:00-3:00 pm

Online Synchronous

Tutorial location and time

To be announced

Office hours

Meeting times can be arranged with course coordinator

Course details

  • Hours: 20L/4P
  • Corequisite: LMP340H1 or permission of department
  • Exclusions: none
  • Distribution requirements: Science
  • Breadth requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
  • Enrolment limits: 35 students

Student evaluation

Online Pathology Lab Test: 20%

Online Midterm Test: 35%

Online Final Exam: 45%

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January 13

Introduction and overview


DNA Damage/ Repair

Harry Elsholtz

January 21

BRCA in Cancer

Razqallah Hakem

January 28

MMR and Hypermutation in Human Cancer

Adam Shlien

February 4

Pathology Laboratory I

Sachin Kumar / Irene Xie

Susan Armstrong

February 11

Pathology Laboratory II

Lab Test (20%)

Sachin Kumar / Irene Xie

Susan Armstrong

February 18

Reading Week


February 25

Online Midterm Test (35%)

Harry Elsholtz

Sachin Kumar

March 4

Cancer Hallmarks

Hypoxia and Cancer Biology

Michael Ohh

March 11

Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

Marco Magalhaes

March 18

Computational Biology in Cancer

Bo Wang

March 25

Cancer Metabolism and Metastasis

Eldad Zacksenhaus

April 1

Cancer Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine

Shamini Selvarajah


Special seminar: Next Generation Sequencing: new applications in the cancer field (1 hour)

Sachin Kumar


Online Final Exam (45%)

Harry Elsholtz

Sachin Kumar