LMP402H1 - Inflammation and Infection 24L

Course description 

Mechanisms that allow microbial pathogens to cause disease and the host to detect infection, mount an inflammatory response and resolve the infection.  

Primary research articles are discussed.  

Topics include:

  • commensal bacteria;
  • bacterial toxins;
  • pattern recognition receptors;
  • leukocyte emigration;
  • chemotaxis; and
  • the role of non-coding RNAs in immunity.

Course coordinators

Dr. Myron Cybulsky

Office address: Toronto General Hospital, 101 College St, Rm 3-306


Dr. Jeremy Mogridge

Office address: 1 King’s College Circle, MSB 6306


Teaching assistant

Justin Meade



Term Fall 2020
Class location and time

Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 am-12:30 pm

PB 255 (Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building)

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Course details

Student evaluation

In-class mid-terms:100% (3 mid-terms; 35%, 40%, 25%)

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Date Topic Instructor
September 10 Commensal bacteria I Jeremy Mogridge
September 15 Commensal bacteria II Jeremy Mogridge
September 17 Pathogenic bacteria I Jeremy Mogridge
September 22 Pathogenic bacteria II Jeremy Mogridge
September 24 Research article Jeremy Mogridge
September 29 Overview of acute and chronic inflammation Myron Cybulsky
October 1 Inflammatory mediators Corey Scipione
October 6 Leukocyte emigration I Myron Cybulsky
October 8 Leukocyte emigration II Myron Cybulsky
October 13 Term test 1: Lectures 1-7 (35%)  
October 15 Leukocyte emigration III Myron Cybulsky
October 20 Lipopolysaccharide detection Jeremy Mogridge
October 22 Inflammasomes Jeremy Mogridge
October 27 Phagocytosis Jeremy Mogridge
October 29 Neutrophil extracellular traps Jeremy Mogridge
November 3 Chemotaxis and cell migration Myron Cybulsky
November 5 Term test 2: Lectures 8-15 (40%)  
November 10 Reading week  
November 12 Reading week  
November 17 Control of immunity by non-coding RNA Jason Fish
November 19 Feedback regulation of innate immunity Jason Fish
November 24 Inflammatory cell death Jeremy Mogridge
November 26 Resolution of inflammation Jeremy Mogridge
December 1 Research article Jeremy Mogridge
December 3 No class  
December 8 Term test 3: Lectures 16-20 (25%)