LMP406H1 - Pathobiology of the Cardiovascular System 24L

Course overview

You will learn about, with emphasis is on the underlying cell biology, the following processes:

  • Pathobiology of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Congenital and acquired diseases of the vasculature.
  • Treatments of vascular disease and cardiovascular biomaterials.
  • Major focus on atherosclerosis and hypertension. 

By the end of this course, you should be able to complete the following:

  1. Describe the pathogenesis of vascular diseases including atherosclerosis and hypertension
  2. Discuss mechanisms and signaling cascades that facilitate disease development/progression
  3. Compare and contrast advantages and limitations of experimental models in CV research
  4. Design experiments to test the potential effects of protein X malfunction in the CV system

Using Quercus

Quercus (UTORID needed)

You will access all course materials and submit all work via Quercus for this course.

We will use this platform to make all announcements and communications to you.

Please email the course instructor or TA directly when you need them.

Course coordinator

Dr Jason Fish

University Health Network (UHN): Toronto General Hospital


Course instructor

Amanda Mohabeer


Teaching assistant

Quinn Bonafiglia


Term Winter 2021
Class location and time

Tuesday 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Online Synchronous (Bb Collaborate)

Office hours

Tuesdays 1-3pm via Zoom.

Please email to meet outside of these hours.

Course details

  • Hours: 24 L
  • Prerequisites: PSL300H1, PSL301H1 or PSL302Y1
  • Exclusions: None
  • Distribution Requirements: Science
  • Breadth Requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
  • Enrollment limit: Yes – 30 students
  • Required Readings: None, only lecture notes/slides

Student evaluation

Mid-term Assessment: 30%   Due date: February 9th (in class)

Article Review Assignment: 15%  Due date: March 23rd (11:59pm)

Final Assessment: 55% Due date to be announced