Our strategic plan

Rita Kandel

The LMP strategic plan 2015 - 2020 has now expired so it is time for a new plan. 

Not only is it a necessary function of our business administration, but this is an opportunity for us to collectively reflect, discuss and decide: what is LMP and what are our ambitions for our future? 

The world has changed due to the pandemic, but also other pressures on research, clinical care, and education. Are we equipped as a department, not only to face these challenges, but to expand our reach and impact? 

Investigating disease, Impacting health. That is our motto, but do we do it well enough? How can we improve? Where can we develop our broad range of education? How can we make more of an impact globally? 

We are a large and diverse group of people: of staff, researchers, clinicians, teachers, learners, and more. Every voice matters and it is important to make sure your voice is heard in this process so we know where we should focus the strategic efforts of the department. What is most important to you? 

Find out more about how this process will impact you, the department, how you can get involved, and keep up to date with our progress. 

Rita Kandel 

Professor and Chair 

This is not just a box-ticking exercise. Find out how our new strategic plan might influence you, and LMP.

Find out who is on the strategic planning committee and who else is shaping the process.

See the timeline and how we’re trying to hear as many voices as possible.

We carried out an extensive review of our department in 2021 as part of our External Review. Download the documents.