Previous CPD event resources

Here we post videos and any resources from previous events held by the Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at LMP.

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Hematopathology community of interest meeting

April 21, 2022 Moderated by Dr. Rosemarie Tremblay-LeMay and featuring presentations from Dr. Sarah Morgan, Dr. Bo Ngan, Dr. Kathy Chun, Dr. Anne Tierens, Dr. Alexsandra Paliga, Dr. Carlo Hojilla and Dr. Adam Smith.

Genitourinary Pathology community of interest meeting

January 24, 2022 Our guest speaker was Dr. Kiril Trpkov, a Professor of Pathology at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Breast Pathology community of interest meeting

December 13, 2021 Watch the talk from our keynote speaker, Dr. Fang-I Lu on “Assessment of breast specimens post neoadjuvant therapy".

Breast Pathology Community of interest meeting

June 7, 2021 Guest speaker Dr. Penny Barnes (Pathologist, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Nova Scotia Health, and Associate Professor, Dalhousie University), shared her breast prosthesis/capsulectomy grossing manuals - see resources below.

Gynecological Pathology community of interest meeting

November 23, 2021