Quality and patient safety community of interest

A collegial and safe forum for pathologists to discuss issues related to quality in diagnostic oncology and patient safety.

We aim to create a community of like-minded pathologists to support each other, and transfer knowledge.

All pathologists and pathology fellows with an interest in quality and patient safety are welcome.

We invite speakers from hospital administration, licensing bodies, and medical protective organizations to contribute to our topics.

Our goal is to prevent adverse events and provide guidance for a successful resolution.

We discuss:

  • issues related to patient safety and the role of pathologists in mitigating the risks
  • medical errors and unprofessional behavior
  • quality concerns and new ways to monitor the quality in diagnostic oncology​.

Please let us know of any topics related to quality in pathology that could be of interest to you or your group for future discussions.

Our Communities of Interest events are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Anna Plotkin

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Anna Plotkin, MD, FRCPC

Director, Continuing Professional Development


Dr. Anna Plotkin's academic profile.

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