Quality improvement projects

The LMP Quality Council is mandated to promote alliances between the hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto to develop novel quality programs or initiatives that will enhance patient care and increase the profile of LMP faculty members both nationally and internationally.

The council includes representatives from several teaching and community hospitals and has been meeting over the past two years on a monthly basis.

Quality Council projects

Development of Harmonized Quality Indicators for hospitals across the GTA

A taskforce has surveyed clinical laboratories across the GTA, reviewed the latest guidelines on quality indicators, and has recently developed a list of proposed harmonized indicators.

The draft document is being reviewed by the Quality Council and will be finalized over the next few months and circulated.

The aim is to harmonize quality indicators across the GTA hospitals.

Harmonization of adult and pediatric critical values for laboratory tests

Subspecialty taskforces have been surveying lab medicine departments across the GTA in areas of Genetics, Chemistry, Hematology, and Pathology.

The data is being used to assess the feasibility of harmonization across the various hospitals in the region.

Appropriate Laboratory Utilization

A taskforce is evaluating the appropriateness of testing (starting with the top 10 popular order sets) in several areas of Lab Medicine, sharing methodology across disciplines, reviewing various materials (communications, patient support materials), and initiating collaboration