Who is making the decisions?

Providing the information 

All members of LMP staff, faculty, and learners have been asked to contribute in various ways. 

We have also gathered a large amount of data about our research activity, curricula, faculty, etc, as part of our Self-Study report, prepared for our External Review in January 2022. This data will feed into the decision-making processes. 

View the LMP Self-Study Report

Gathering and sorting the information 

We worked with a consultancy firm, The Potential Group, which helped us to gather information and guide the process.  

Making the decisions 

The process is led by Dr. Rita Kandel, Department Chair, and Nelson Cabral, Business Administration Manager. 

The steering committee members 

  • Scott Yuzwa


  • Michael Pollanen 
  • Michael Ohh 
  • Cathy Streutker 
  • Khosrow Adeli 
  • George Yousef 
  • Myron Cybulsky 
  • Stephen Girardin 
  • Isabelle Aubert

Postgraduate Program Directors: 

  • Susan Done 
  • Patrick Shannon 
  • Andrew Gao 
  • David Barth 
  • Paul Yip 
  • Vathany Kulasingam 
  • Tony Mazzulli 
  • Wendy Lau 
  • Jay Herath 

Education Coordinators: 

  • Jeff Lee 
  • Karim Mekhail 
  • Jeremy Mogridge 
  • Juan Putra 
  • Heather Shapiro 
  • Joseph Ferenbok 

Clinical site chiefs:

  • Cathy Streutker
  • David Hwang
  • George Yousef
  • Nadia Ismiil
  • Jan Delabie
  • Matthew Cesari
  • Michael Pollanen
  • Pauline Henry
  • Rita Kandel
  • Simon Raphael