Why should I get involved in the LMP strategic planning process?

Strategic plans are sometimes created by leadership, printed on glossy paper, and put in a drawer. 

This is not what we want for LMP. 

We want you to be involved in the process so your thoughts and opinions are heard. We are a large, diverse department and it will be impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but we will listen to all voices and incorporate as much as possible into our planning process. 

However, your voice doesn’t count if you don’t raise it. 

We are trying to facilitate as many opportunities as possible, but we also need you to speak up. 

Find out how you can make your voice heard in How and when. You will have opportunities to get involved in the next stage of the plan.

What will the new strategic plan do? 

This will help inform our objectives and foci for the next five years. 

We don’t yet know what that will be, but it will affect decisions around: 

  • Funding: did you know that the $250m Temerty family donation was made because they saw the faculty strategic plan and wanted to invest in it? Although LMP donations may not meet such dizzying heights, having a strong, clear strategy could help us attract investment. 
  • Education: what programs are continued, enhanced, repositioned and added. How and where we recruit students and learners, how programs are funded. 
  • Expanding our influence and impact: how we collaborate with partners across Canada and the world and who we build those relationships with. 
  • Research: how to build opportunities within our department for collaboration on research 

and more..... 

You can play a part in steering and informing these decisions. 

How will this affect me? 

Our new strategic plan will be embedded in everything we do. 

We will report regularly on progress with each objective set: monthly in our departmental newsletter, and in quarterly or annual reporting. 

Once we are further into the process, we will be able to give you more information about how this will affect different areas of LMP.