LMP2206H: Practicum in Adult Medical / Hospital Autopsy

For Pathologists' Assistant students in the MHsc in Laboratory Medicine program.

In this 0.5 FCE course you will learn the fundamentals of Autopsy Pathology through experiential learning. This course will take place at the Toronto General Site of the University Health Network.

You will spend the equivalent of 4 full days (7 hours per day) a week involved in applied learning.

During all cases, you will have the benefit of direct interaction with one on-staff pathologist assistant through the performance of the case, as well as direct interaction with an autopsy staff pathologist at varying points during the case performance.

Although you will initially be involved in assisting and observing a case, we expect you to progress to a level of comfort where you will actively engage in a significant portion of the case performance.

The focus of the course is on an actively engaged, professional, and intellectual approach to cooperating in the performance of medical/hospital autopsies.

Course instructors

Course co-coordinator (practicum)

Dr. Michael Seidman


The course coordinator:

  • develops the curriculum
  • monitors quality assurance for the course
  • coordinates oversight and evaluation of the students with other course faculty (other staff pathologists, pathologist assistants).

Lead on-site pathologist assistant (practicum)

Ian Sue-Chue-Lam


Course co-coordinator (academic half day)

Dr. Christopher Sherman