Visiting Electives and Observerships

We offer a variety of placement options and electives.

These give students an opportunity to advance their understanding of clinical and laboratory medicine.

Electives and observerships are open to any students - U of T and non- U of T.

Undergraduate Medical Electives (UME)

LMP encourages undergraduate students interested in obtaining experience in Laboratory Medicine to apply for an elective rotation within our department. 

The Electives Program at the University of Toronto places several categories of students:

  • University of Toronto medical students during their Clerkship Elective block
  • Visiting students from AFMC/AAMC accredited medical schools
  • Visiting students from International FAIMER accredited medical schools. 

You can apply if:

  • you are registered in the Clerkship phase of your medical program at a Canadian or US medical school when the elective would take place. 
  • you are registered in the second to last (penultimate) or final year of your medical program (not including postgraduate training) at an International medical school when the elective would take place. 

Visit the UME Electives Program website for full details and how to apply. 

Postgraduate Electives

We accept elective requests from residents currently enrolled in postgraduate training programs outside of the University of Toronto.

We do not accept electives for mandatory rotations.

If you are interested, contact the LMP Postgraduate office ( with the specific rotation, dates and site you are interested in. 

Once we confirm your placement, you must register with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office.

You will need to provide copies of your: 

  • CV 
  • medical diploma 
  • eligibility to work in Canada (e.g. Canadian Passport, Citizenship/Permanent Resident Card, VISA and work permit) 
  • medical education license 
  • CMPA coverage 
  • up to date immunization record 
  • letter of good standing from your program director, indicating approval for the elective and start-end dates of the elective


COVID Update

We are not offering observerships at any of our hospital sites for the foreseeable future due to the global pandemic and public health social distancing advisories. Please do not contact individual pathologists for placement.


LMP encourages those interested in obtaining a clinical observership experience in Laboratory Medicine to apply for an observership within our department. 

We offer Observerships to those currently enrolled in an international medical school or to those who have graduated from pathology residency. 

We are no longer accepting applications for placement from January to June 2020. 

How to apply

Placements: Clinical observerships in pathology are only placed from January to June. 

Duration of an observership: typically 2 weeks. 

Deadline for applications: October 1st. 

To apply, you must submit the following to

We will only contact you if you are accepted for an Observership.