LMP450H1 – Organogenesis in Health and Disease

Course description

This course introduces advanced topics in stem cell biology and focuses on the latest developments related to the use of stem cells in the design and generation of organoids and organs for use in research.

We will highlight the use of organogenesis within basic and clinical research settings, with a focus on several human diseases.

This course will build on the third-year course LMP320H1, through which you will have been introduced to stem cell biology within the context of human diseases.

Course coordinators

Dr. Michael Laflamme

Office address: UHN, 101 College St, TDMT, Rm 3-908

Dr. Shinichiro Ogawa

Office address: UHN 101 College St, TDMT, Rm 8-701

Dr. Karun Singh

Office address: Krembil Research Institute, 60 Lenard Ave, Rm 7KD-417

Teaching assistant



Fall 2022

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Course details

  • Hours: 24L/12T
  • Prerequisite: LMP320H1, LMP330H1
  • Exclusions: None
  • Recommended preparation: None
  • Distribution requirements: Science
  • Breadth requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)          
  • Enrolment limits: 30 students

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Lecture topics are subject to change. We will list finalized lecture topics in the official syllabus




Lecture 1

Introduction to stem cells


Lecture 2

Applications employing stem cells


Lecture 3

Tissue patterning and organ development


Lecture 4

Intestinal organoids


Lecture 5

Hepatic and pancreatic organoids


Lecture 6

Cerebral organoids and organogenesis


Lecture 7

Cancer organoids


Lecture 8

Lung organoids


Lecture 9

Organogenesis: engineering organs


Lecture 10

Organogenesis: reconstituting decellularized organs


Lecture 11

Small group activity


Lecture 12

Small group presentation


Recommended reading or text book