Program completion: PA field

You must successfully complete a total of 9.5 full-course equivalents consisting of the following:

4.0 FCEs of Core courses

  • LMP2000H Cell and Molecular Biology (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2001H Biomedical Research Methods (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2002H Clinical Laboratory Management (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2003H Biomedical Ethics (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2004H Biostatistics (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2005Y Capstone Project in Laboratory Medicine (1.0 FCE)
  • 1.5 FCEs of Pathologists’ Assistant-specific courses:
  • LMP2200H Basic Principles in Human Pathobiology and Pathophysiology (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2201H Anatomy and Pathology of Organ Systems (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2208H Science of Biobanking (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2211H Advanced Anatomy Dissection (0.5 FCE)

4.0 FCEs of Practicum courses

  • LMP2202H Practicum in Surgical Pathology I (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2203H Practicum in Surgical Pathology II (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2204H Practicum in Surgical Pathology III (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2205H Practicum in Surgical Pathology IV (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2206H Practicum in Adult Medical/Hospital Autopsy (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2207H Practicum in Forensic Pathology (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2209H Practicum in Surgical Pathology V (0.5 FCE)
  • LMP2210H Practicum in Surgical Pathology VI (0.5 FCE)

The typical program length is six terms full-time over the course of two years. You must complete the program within three years.

You do not need to pass external certification or licensure examination(s) to be granted your degree.

See the courses overview for full details on all courses.


Detailed graduation and convocation procedures can be found on the School of Graduate Studies’ Graduation and Convocation webpage.

Student Exit Survey

We strongly encourage you to complete the Student Exit Survey upon graduation. This anonymous survey helps us to evaluate and improve our programs.

Program Closure Policy

In the unlikely event of program closure, the University of Toronto has a detailed plan addressing temporary and permanent program closure in place, called the Policy on Academic Continuity.

After graduation

Pathologists’ Assistants Certification Exams

As an unregulated professional, passing certification examination(s) is currently not mandatory in order for a Pathologists’ Assistant to work in Canada. However, more employers are seeking candidates that are graduates of Master level Pathologists’ Assistant programs and are certified through either:

We strongly encourage you to seek certification(s) relevant to your workplace soon upon graduation.

Post-Graduation Survey and Employer Survey

A post-graduation survey will be sent to all alumni one year after their graduation. An employer survey will also be sent to all alumni's employers one year after their graduation. These anonymous surveys serve as an important program evaluation and improvement tool.

Staying in touch with LMP

Please do stay in touch with us after you graduate. We love to hear what our students achieve and how their careers progress.

We feature alumni in stories on our website to profile what our graduates are doing. Contact if you're interested in being featured.

Consider creating a profile on Temerty Medicine Connect – an online networking platform exclusive to the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Through this, you can stay in touch with LMP, your peers and network with others across Temerty Medicine. Most importantly, we approach alumni on this platform with opportunities to become mentors, give career talks and other volunteer opportunities with current students.

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