LMP1203H: Basic principles of analytical clinical biochemistry

Who can attend

The course is open to medical biochemistry residents, postdoctoral diploma in clinical chemistry fellows, and graduate students.

Graduate students need permission from the supervisor and must be registered in the LMP graduate program to attend.


Undergraduate course in biochemistry and/or molecular biology is recommended.

Course description

This course introduces current analytical techniques as applied in clinical biochemistry laboratories. We will cover the theoretical aspects of each technique, the limitations, and common applications. The course also introduces analytical and clinical evaluation of laboratory methods.

The course will be run as tutorials/lectures for medical biochemistry residents, postdoctoral diploma in clinical chemistry fellows, and graduate students.

Meetings will take place on Wednesday mornings (9:00-12:00 noon). Alternative meeting times and places may be arranged with individual lecturers if deemed necessary.

Course coordinator

Dr. Davor Brinc


lmp.grad@utoronto.ca for administrative queries.

Timings and location

This course is offered every year in the Fall session.

Wednesdays, 9 am - 12 noon

Location: MSB 3290


Students are responsible for the material provided in the lectures.

Optional readings

Selected chapters from Nader Rifai (editor). Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics.

Supplementary readings can also be provided by each lecturer.

Evaluation methods

Final end-of-course exam (lectures 3,5-10,14): 60%

Take-home assignments for selected lectures (indicated in the table below): 40%


Lectures will be in person unless stated via Zoom. Zoom details will be provided by email.




September 7, 2022

Introduction to analytical clinical biochemistry 

Analytical method evaluation

Take-home assignment

Dr. Davor Brinc (UHN)

September 14, 2022

Clinical method evaluation

Via Zoom

Take-home assignment

Dr. Dorothy Truong, LifeLabs


September 21, 2022


Via Zoom

Dr. Daniel Beriault

September 28, 2022

Spectrophotometry: reflectance, absorbance, transmittance, turbidimetry, nephelometry, flame  emission/absorption, IR, NMR, fluorescence

Take-home assignment

Dr. Uvaraj Uddayasankar



October 7, 2022

General lab techniques: centrifugation, water purification, osmometry, radioactivity, viscometry, dialysis, freeze drying, buffers

Via Zoom

Dr. Felix Leung

October 12, 2022

Enzymatic techniques and chemistry analyzers

Dr. Felix Leung

October 19, 2022

Electrochemistry applications in a clinical chemistry laboratory

Via Zoom

Dr. Mohamed Abouelhassan

October 26, 2022

Immunoassays I: properties of antibodies and antigens; Ag-Ab interactions; Ab production

Dr. Paul Yip

November 2, 2022

Immunoassays II: configurations, labels, and interferences

Dr. Paul Yip

November 9, 2022


Via Zoom

Dr. Saranya Arnoldo

William Osler


November 16, 2022

Mass Spectrometry 

Take-home assignment

Dr. Andrea Bozovic

November 23, 2022

Point-of-care testing

​​​​​​​Take-home assignment

Dr. Davor Brinc

November 30, 2022

Molecular diagnostics

Via Zoom

​​​​​​​Take-home assignment

Dr. Cuihong Wei

December 7, 2021

Ultracentrifugation and lipid analyses

Dr. Dana Bailey, Dynacare


December 14, 2022

Final exam

Dr. Davor Brinc

*Take-home assignment

Via Zoom: Lecture to be delivered via Zoom, details details to be provided via email.