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Why study the MHSc in Laboratory Medicine with us?

We are currently the only university in Canada to train both Pathologists’ Assistants (PA) and Clinical Embryologists (CE). 

As part of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, you will gain access to:  

  • Hundreds of expert faculty including basic scientists, pathologists, laboratory physicians, and scientists  
  • Outstanding case material  
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory spaces, including the in-house Clinical Embryology Skills Development Lab 
  • The strong focus on both academic and clinical skills; educational activities include the foundation course and field-specific courses  
  • A stunning array of research opportunities  
  • Diverse training sites across our partner hospitals such as Mount Sinai Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children, the University Health Network, St. Michael’s Hospital, North York General Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and Ontario Forensic Pathology Services (OFPS) 
  • Engaging student-run organizations  
  • One of North America’s largest and most ethnically diverse cities. Explore the city of Toronto on the Ontario Travel website. 

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By completing this program you will apply your knowledge to complex decision making, serious ethical issues, and develop a strong sense of personal accountability, intellectual rigour, and independence.   

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We’re on the ground with Artificial Intelligence  

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will play a core role in medical research and patient care in the near future.    

The Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) is based in our department. This newly formed centre will foster multi-disciplinary research and educational programs in artificial intelligence for health scientists. 

Our department is committed to community and student well-being  

At LMP, we recognize that having a sense of community and maintaining a healthy work environment is not a passive process.    

As an LMP graduate student, you will be a member of our student union, Confederation of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Students (CLAMPS). CLAMPS is a student-run organization that offers academic and research support to all of its members. CLAMPS also organizes a number of social events throughout the year.    

Student well-being is a priority of our Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (WIDE) committee. The WIDE committee fosters a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination and harassment, as well providing regular wellness tips and resources.

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Meet some of our students!

Marina Eskandar

Marina Eskandar, PA student

“The nature of our program has not only allowed us to learn and appreciate anatomic pathology at the surface level, but to understand the molecular and cellular processes that underlie the most common pathologies. We are provided with a hands-on approach to pathology which directs our focus to encompass all aspects of the field.” 

 Christiana Legaspi

Christiana Legaspi, PA student

"At some point you or someone you know will pass through the pathology lab, and I wanted to pursue a career that impacts the lives of people on an everyday basis. This was when I took an interest in becoming a PA. Ever since joining the LMP community not only has it help foster my knowledge in the field, but it has also created many opportunities that highlight the vital role PAs play in health care through the clinical practicums. " 

Jordyn Chartrand

Jordyn Chartrand, PA student

"This program combines course-based learning and hands-on practical experience, all within small, collaborative classroom sizes. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, along with the clinical placements within leading hospitals, will provide me with the necessary skills to succeed in my upcoming career as a PA. I am excited to see what my future holds!"

Katherine Allum

Katherine Allum, PA student

"If you're looking for a program that pushes you to do your best, this program is for you! What I like most is that classes are small, so participating in discussions about class content is a lot easier, more engaging, and honestly, a lot more fun. So far, this program has given me a glimpse of what it takes to be a PA, and I'm so excited to be able to practice what I've learned during my clinical rotations next year!

Afton Taborek

Afton Taborek, CE student

"The MHSC in lab medicine is unique because it has the ability to connect you with inspiring people. Whether that’s your fellow classmates, your professors, or researchers within your field, you’ll be introduced to compelling aspects of the career that you didn’t even know existed."

Hannah Paquette

Hannah Paquette, CE student

“One of my favourite things about the Clinical Embryology program is how tight knit of a group we are. 5 students means we have the chance to make genuine connections with people who share similar experiences and career goals. On top of that, the professors truly care about our success and are always open to offering advice or just to chat. The program environment is so comfortable that it feels like family.”