In the media: COVID-19

A selection of recent media mentions.

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We'll wear masks after the pandemic, researchers predict, and they're trying to make them better, mentions research by James Scott (cross-appointed from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health)
CBC (February 2021)

Made-in-Canada coronavirus vaccine starts human clinical trials, notes the contribution of research by Mario Ostrowski, Samira Mubareka, Rob Kozak and Michael Pollanen
CBC (January 2021)

‘Like Wartime’: Canadian Companies Unite to Start Mass Virus Testing, comments from Laura Rosella (cross-appointed from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health)
The New York Times (January 2021)

Ontario Supports the Development of the Next Generation of PPE, funding awarded to mask-testing by the The Dalla Lana School of Public Health by James Scott (cross-appointed to LMP)
News release by the Ontario Government (January 2021)

Canada has secured more vaccine doses per capita than anyone else, but it’s been slow to administer them, comments from Allison McGeer.
The Washington Post (January 2021)

Growing 'consensus' provinces should offer COVID-19 vaccine more widely, instead of holding back 2nd dose, comments from Allison McGeer.
CBC (December 2020)

Government needs to step up and vaccinate people faster, says doctor, Allison McGeer is interviewed about vaccine roll out.
As it Happens, on CBC radio (recording and transcript available) (December 2020)

Everything you need to know about Rapid COVID-19 tests, comments from Larissa Matukas.
Chatelaine (December 2020)

Research teams in Montreal, Toronto looking at how COVID-19 impacts immunity, featuring research by Mario Ostrowski.
660 News (December 2020)

This is why you will still need to wear a mask after being vaccinated, comments from Mario Ostrowski.
CTV News (December 2020)

How testing helped Cornell University become a model of COVID-19 prevention, comments from Larissa Matukas.
CBC News (video) (November 2020)

St. Michael’s Hospital develops a tool to track homeless patients — with hopes of detecting COVID-19 outbreaks early, comments from Muhammad Mamdani.
Toronto Star (November 2020)

21 reasons to love (and not leave) Toronto No. 3: Because our best and brightest are leading the fight against Covid, highlights Mario Ostrowski, Samira Mubareka and Rob Kozak.
Toronto Life (October 2020)

Inside Ontario's overwhelmed labs: How lingering issues and mistakes caused massive COVID-19 testing backlog, comments from Vanessa Allen, Larissa Matukas, Tony Mazzulli and Kevin Katz.
National Post (October 2020)