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Our faculty

With over 350 faculty members, LMP is uniquely positioned to offer a diverse array of research and clinical training opportunities.

Our faculty members are involved in a broad spectrum of research and clinical practice leading to a fertile atmosphere for innovative interactions.

Our members range from full-time basic scientists involved in discovery and mechanistic research, to pathologists, laboratory physicians and scientists involved in the clinical practice of pathology and laboratory medicine. 

Whether investigating why a heart valve is malfunctioning, why obesity contributes to insulin resistance, or how a tumour can be thwarted by oxygen deprivation, our faculty members work at the leading-edge of research and clinical practice. 

This relentless drive for action and pursuit of excellence is characteristic of LMP. Our proven success in mentoring future generations of researchers and clinicians is essential for advancing health care in Canada and around the world.

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Dr Rita Kandel, MD, FRCPC 

Department Chair

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Professors Emeriti 

Those who are actively participating in teaching and/or research activities in the department are listed in the faculty directory.

Andrew D. Baines
Reuben Baumal
Juan. M Bilbao
Joan Boggs
William Brien
Jagdish Butany
Dean Chamberlain
Runjan Chetty
David Cole
Terence Colgan
Bruce Cruickshank
James Cullen
Ernest Cutz
Irving Dardick
John Deck
Etienne de Harven
George Feuer
Peter Fleming
Victor Fornasier
David Goldberg
Alice Gray
William Halliday
Gilbert Hill
Aleksander Hinek
Frances Jamieson
Miles Johnston
Serge Jothy
Harriette Kahn
Suzanne Kamel-Reid
Sarah Keating
Kalman Kovacs
Clifford Lingwood
Donald Mickle
Joe Minta
David Marray
France O'Malley
Dominic Pantalony
Melville James Phillips

Peter Pinkerton
Kenneth Pritzker
Gerald Prud’homme
Ali Qizilbash
Srinivasan Rajalakshmi
Susan Richardson
Toby Rose
Pang Shek
Malcolm Silver
Andrew Simor
Leslie Spence
Jan Steiner
Harry Strawbridge
Glenn Taylor
Paul Thorner
Victor Tron
Peter van Nostrand
Mary Veamcombe
Gregory Wilson
Herman Yeger
Ingrid Zbieranowski

Our faculty and COVID-19

Laboratory medicine is at the heart of the fight against COVID-19.

From conducting testing analysis to research that affects how we understand, treat and vaccinate against the virus, LMP is at the forefront of developments.

Find out more about how our people are having an impact on how we understand, treat, and live with COVID-19.