Disruptive innovation

Disruptive Innovation: Pillar 4 of the LMP Strategic Plan

Lead the way in identifying and applying emerging research and technology to benefit clinical laboratory diagnostics, life sciences, and health outcomes.

Taskforces made up of learners, faculty and staff will work on projects and enable our strategic pillars. 

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Objective 1

Deepen our existing expertise in precision medicine by integrating advanced imaging, omics, and big data.

Projects related to objective 1. We will be:

  • Creating departmental areas of focus in emerging technology, such as “omics” and advancing point of care diagnostics
  • Investing in microbiology through targeted faculty recruitment in collaboration with EPIC (Emerging Pandemic & Infections Consortium)

Objective 2

Seize opportunities to advance clinical diagnostics, research and education, using emerging technologies (e.g., AI, digital pathology, and advanced imaging).

Projects related to objective 2. We will be:

  • Identifying new and emerging research in LMP that could be disruptive in
    the future or new ways of applying existing knowledge/techniques
  • Translating AI into clinical contexts through The Temerty Centre for
    Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM)
  • Refining AI algorithms from an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) lens as appropriate
  • Developing a point-of-care centre
  • Expanding the digital media library and its use in education
  • Encouraging the incorporation of AI into digital pathology
  • Increasing the use of digital pathology in clinical training programs

Pillar 4 leads: contact us to get involved!

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