Examples of graduate research: videos

Wondering what you can expect as an LMP research stream student

Faculty, graduate students and alumni discuss their research and experiences in LMP from a basic, translational and clinical research perspective.

Punit Saraon, PhD Candidate, talks about life at LMP

Translational Research: PhD Candidate Punit Saraon

Basic research interviews

Jayesh Salvi, PhD candidate

Basic Research: PhD Candidate Jayesh Salvi

Roxana Sufan, PhD Alumna: now working in the pharmaceutical industry

Basic Research: Alumna Roxana Sufan, PhD

Translational research interviews

Sean McCurdy, PhD Candidate 

Translational Research: PhD Candidate Sean McCurdy

Kevin Da Silva, PhD Alumnus: now editor at Nature Medicine 

Translational Research: Alumnus Kevin Da Silva, PhD

Isabelle Aubert, Professor in LMP

Translational Research: Professor Isabelle Aubert, PhD

Clinicial research interviews

Vijay Ramaswamy, MD, PhD Candidate 

Clinical Research: PhD Candidate Vijay Ramaswamy, MD FRCPC

Andrea Conroy, PhD Alumna: now a Postdoctoral researcher at U of T 

Clinical Research: Alumna Andrea Conroy, PhD

Nades Palaniyar, Associate Professor in LMP

Clinical Research: Professor Nades Palaniyar, PhD