Molecular and cell biology 

Researchers involved in Molecular and cellular biology decipher an incredibly wide array of molecular and cellular processes.

This area is the foundation for the vast majority of basic and clinical research.

Research ranges from deciphering basic pathways of the cell to understanding how these pathways impact various physiological and pathological settings.

Laboratories in this area utilize various approaches including genomic sequencing, microscopy, and genetic models as diverse as yeast, fruit flies, worms, mice, and mammalian systems. 

These processes include: 

  • chromosome structure and dynamics 
  • gene expression 
  • cell polarity and division 
  • intracellular trafficking and compartmentalization 
  • cell morphology and the cytoskeleton 
  • morphogenesis 
  • signalling 
  • extracellular communications 
  • tissue organization 
  • stem cell differentiation 
  • embryogenesis 
  • cellular/organismal aging 
  • cellular transformation 
  • tumourigenesis 
  • host/immune interactions 
  • apoptosis 
  • structure of viral proteins 
  • molecular evolution 
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