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Current faculty members

In LMP, we are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming place for all. Workplace incivility, harassment, and discrimination in any form are unacceptable and unwelcome at the University of Toronto. If you are experiencing this, please report it. Knowing what is happening is a step towards preventing it for others, or in the future. Find out how to raise a concern or complaint.

Faculty web profiles

We strongly recommend you keep your online profile up to date in the Faculty Directory.

This is used:

  • By potential students to find supervisors (this is a search option so please keep your status up to date by completing the form below)
  • Media and communications
  • As a reference during annual reviews and promotions.

You can update your profile at any time by completing the online form or emailing

Faculty development 

See Faculty development for full information.

The Centre for Faculty Development offers faculty development opportunities to assist faculty in strengthening their teaching and education scholarship skills and advancing their careers. 

Annual academic review and reappointment process 

All LMP faculty undergo an annual review process requiring the submission of specific information.

Instructions are emailed to faculty in March of each year. 

See Annual academic review and reappointment process for full information.

Continuing Appointment Review

All Full-Time Clinical faculty and Diagnostic Lab Scientists in LMP are required to undergo an in-depth Continuing Appointment Review (CAR), formerly called the 3-year Review. 

Promotion guidelines 

Academic promotion at the University of Toronto is based on accomplishments in scholarship, which may be expressed as research and/or creative professional activity, teaching, and service to the University.

The greatest weight will be given to scholarship and teaching.

Long-term service in and of its own does not qualify for academic promotion. 

LMP Appointments and Promotion Committee membership 

All new appointments and promotions in LMP are reviewed and approved by the Departmental Appointments and Promotions Committee  before submission to the Dean of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine/or Vice-Dean, Clinical Affairs, Temerty Faculty of Medicine for final approval. 

See Promotion Guidelines (to Associate Professor and Professor) for full information.