Lung cells under the microscope by Heather Ruff

Digital Laboratory Medicine Library

The Library (DLM) contains a comprehensive collection of digitized medical images.

The images have been identified and chosen by the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Toronto, for their value in contributing to the educational mission of the Department across all learning levels.

Each image is accompanied by additional information designed to aid the learner in developing the skills necessary for interpretation. 

Teachers and learners of all levels are welcome to search the library and view the images.

Access the Digital Laboratory Medicine Library

The DLM Library is very grateful for the participation of the LMP Postgraduate Trainees for providing many of the excellent cases that make up the collection.

Many LMP trainees from our programs are regular contributors; identifying cases of interest from the broad spectrum of materials available at the DLM contributing sites. 

All cases are reviewed and approved by the DLM Library oversight committee prior to publication. 

DLM Library Oversight committee and site representatives 


Site representative

Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Carlo Hojilla (Chair, DLM Oversight Committee)

UHN - Toronto Genereal Hospital

Dr. Rumina Musani

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Fang-I Lu

St. Michael's Hospital

Dr. Hasan Ghaffar

Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Lili-Naz Hazrati (acting)

Ontario Forensic Pathology Service

Dr. Magdaleni Bellis

How to submit images to the libary

We accept images from our partner sites as listed above.

  1. Complete the Slide contribution form (word doc). For contributions with multiple cases, copy and complete the second page for each case. If a case contains multiple images (e.g. different stains), you only need to complete the second page once for each case.
  2. Scan the slides. For assistance with slide scanning contact the site representative at your hospital (as listed above). Ensure the file name or slide label on the Contribution form matches file name or slide label of the image.
  3.  Submit the completed contribution form and digital slide to your site representative. 

See the guide on Using the Zoomify Whole Slide Image Viewer (PDF).

What happens to your submission

Your submission will be:

  • converted to a web-friendly format
  • reviewed by a committee of LMP-appointed faculty
  • Metadata may be edited by the members of the committee to meet the educational standards of the Library.

We will let you know when your image and metadata are published on the library website.