LMP460H1 – Pathobiology of the Cardiovascular System

Course description

This course covers the pathobiology of the heart and blood vessels.

The emphasis is on the underlying cell biology of processes such as:

  • Pathobiology of the heart, blood vessels, and lymphatic system.
  • Congenital diseases of the heart, ischemic injury, and stroke.
  • Treatments of vascular disease and cardiovascular biomaterials.
  • Major focus is on atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Course coordinators

Dr. Michelle Bendeck

Office address: 661 University Ave, MaRS II, 14th floor, Rm 1432

Teaching assistant

Mary-Jo Hatem



Winter 2024

Class time

Tuesday 10 am - 12 pm

Office hours

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Course details

  • Hours: 24L
  • Prerequisite: (PSL300H1, PSL301H1) / PSL302Y1.Life sciences students who do not have all of the required prerequisites are encouraged to contact the academic unit to seek a waiver.
  • Corequisites: None 
  • Exclusions: LMP406H1
  • Recommended preparation: None
  • Credit value: 0.5
  • Breadth requirement: Living Things and Their Environment (4)          
  • Enrolment limits: 30 students

Student evaluation

Midterm test: 40%

Final exam: 60%

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Lecture topics are subject to change. We will list finalized lecture topics in the official syllabus.




Lecture 1

Vascular and Cardiac Structure and Function


Lecture 2

Introduction to atherosclerosis


Lecture 3

Animal models of atherosclerosis


Lecture 4

Inflammatory Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis


Lecture 5

microRNA regulation in atherosclerosis


Lecture 6

Cardiovascular regeneration

Lecture 7

Vascular Calcification


Lecture 8

Vascular Development


Lecture 9

Vascular Malformations

Lecture 10

New Technologies to Monitor CV disease


Lecture 11

Tissue Engineering Approaches for cardiovascular disease


Recommended reading or text book