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Our community and COVID-19

A rapid test but not a rapid solution for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, an increasing number of testing devices are being released. Most recently, ‘rapid’ testing, some of which are point-of-care tests (POCT), has become a focus as priorities shift towards receiving faster results.

Dr. Vanessa Tran, Clinical Microbiologist at Public Health Ontario, Dr. Jennifer Taher, Clinical Biochemist at Mount Sinai Hospital and Dr. Jonathan Gubbay, Medical Microbiologist at Public Health Ontario look at rapid testing and what it means.

A simulated teaching environment years in the making gives students a COVID-safe space to learn

“This provides [MHSc in Laboratory Medicine] students with a fantastic learning opportunity. They get to develop their skills in a safe space where it’s ok to make mistakes. Once the students complete their studies and move into patient-facing care, they are as well trained and prepared as they can possibly be,” explains Dr. Heather Shapiro.

Completing a Masters in infectious disease during COVID-19: making a difference for frontline healthcare workers

Ryan Hiebert tells about the COVID-19 research he's been involved in as a MSc research student in LMP.

Microbiologists: the unsung heroes of the pandemic

Two microbiologists explain more about COVID-19 testing and what it has been like to be part of the frontline in the battle against the pandemic.

Spotlight on...Clinton Robbins

Each month we speak to a member of the Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology community and find out more about them.

This month it is Associate Professor Clinton Robbins. He is part of a group recently awarded $950,000 to help better characterize the inflammatory and cardiac effects of COVID-19.

COVID-19 news from LMP

With an eye on COVID-19 variants, U of T, Sinai Health researchers design next-gen sequencing platform (March 2021) UofT News

With province's support, U of T researchers to explore key questions about masks and COVID-19 (January 2021) UofT News

Better, but far from over: U of T experts share their COVID-19 outlooks for the year ahead (January 2021) UofT News

LMP researchers find clues about COVID-19 virus immunity (December 2020)

Undergraduates showcasing the scientific solutions to COVID-19 (December 2020)

LMP's Slava Epelman and Clinton Robbins part of large U of T group receiving funding for COVID-19 research (November 2020)

Allison McGeer collaborates on study showing Coronavirus antibodies last at least three months (October 2020)

Canadian Scientists Develop Platform to Track Changes in Genetic Structure of COVID-19 Virus (June 2020) Temerty Faculty of Medicine news

U of T researchers seek to understand the novel coronavirus on a 'deep molecular level' (May 2020)

U of T plays leading role in effort to develop COVID-19 treatment (April 2020)

U of T and McMaster researchers at Sunnybrook Hospital isolate virus behind COVID-19 (March 2020)

Dr Samira Mubareka discusses COVID-19 in the Temerty Talk ‘Science on the Front Line: COVID-19 and Beyond’ (November 2020)

Science on the Front Line: COVID-19 and Beyond (a Temerty Medicine Talk)