Master of Science (MSc) Program

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When you join the research stream MSc program, you will perform your thesis work in the laboratory of an LMP faculty member.   

Your MSc program will take approximately  two years to complete.   

Your project will be guided by a thesis advisory committee comprised of your supervisor and two additional University of Toronto faculty members.   

We expect you to generate novel data that provide new insights into an area of medical research.   

If you wish to transfer to the PhD program and have the support of your thesis advisory committee, you will have the opportunity to take a transfer exam within 18 - 22 months of starting your graduate program. 

In the first year of your program

In the first year of your program, you will: 

  • Take LMP1005H Fundamentals of Research Practice, a mandatory course designed to provide the necessary information and to teach skills that will help you succeed in graduate school.   
  • Attend a weekly student seminar series LMP1001H in which you will learn about the research being carried out by your fellow students.  

In the second year of your program 

You will present your own research in the student seminar series, LMP1002H.  

You will complete your thesis. 

Summary of course requirements  


You must have completed, or be about to complete, one of the following: 

  • An appropriate bachelor's degree in the Life Sciences from a recognized university. 
  • An MD, DDS, DVM (or equivalent) professional degree. 

You also need to have:

  • a minimum A- average over the final two years of your undergraduate study.
  • strong performance in any second year Life Science-based courses (including molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and physiology).
  • an advanced level of coursework in your third and fourth year Life Science subjects (i.e. appropriate number of 300- and 400-series courses or equivalent).
  • research experience is an asset. 

How to apply

See Application process for the research stream (MSc and Phd).

To be fully accepted into the MSc program, you will need to secure a supervisor. See Finding a supervisor.

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