LMP2001H: Biomedical Research Methods

A core course for Pathologists' Assistant and Clinical Embryology students in the MHsc in Laboratory Medicine program.

The course is designed to provide you with a broad scope and solid understanding of the scientific research process, with an emphasis on how it applies to the field of laboratory medicine.

It is likely you will ultimately be in a position that requires the evaluation of nascent research and appropriate incorporation of research findings to your ongoing work. It is critical that you have a strong appreciation for the research process, including suitable study design, attention to bias, and proper interpretation in a future role as an effective clinical laboratory member.

The objectives of this course are linked closely to the Capstone research project course, in which you will have the opportunity to apply many of the principles covered in this course.

Course instructors

Dr. Theodore Brown (Course Co-Director)

Dr. Carlo Hojilla (Course Co-Director)


Dr. Kellie Murphy (Kellie.Murphy@sinaihealth.ca)

Dr. John Snelgrove (John.Snelgrove@sinaihealth.ca)

Dr. Dianne Chadwick (dianne.chadwick@sri.utoronto.ca)

Dr. Brian Cox (b.cox@utoronto.ca)

Dr. Felix Leung (felix.leung@sinaihealth.ca)

Dr. Joseph Ferenbok (joseph.ferenbok@utoronto.ca)_