LMP2006H: Research / Reading Course for PA Students

For Pathologists' Assistant students in the MHsc in Laboratory Medicine program.

A graduate reading course on an important area of pathology and pathobiology of human disease. The topic will include vascular embryology, anatomy, and cell biology with a focus on the disease condition Atherosclerosis.

You will have a broad and comprehensive opportunity for self-study in vascular anatomy and pathology to understand the pathogenesis of large vessel vascular disease.

You will build on this background knowledge in the Final Report. The Final Report will provide an opportunity for in-depth study on a topic related to the pathology and pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis.

The report will also build on your skills of translating your interpretations of your research investigations into useful contributions by writing and submitting a focused brief academic review paper with your supervisor for possible publication, possibly in a pathology or cardiovascular research journal.

The Graduate Anatomy Seminars (5 in total, of 1 hour each) will provide some breadth to learning gross anatomy in other non-vascular organs.

Course instructor

Dr. Avrum I. Gotlieb