COVID policy for the MHSc in Laboratory Medicine

Due to the evolving situation with the Omicron variant, all classes at the University of Toronto (except the dissection component of LMP2211H for Pathologists' Assistants) will be conducted online from December 16 2021 until January 31, 2022.

PA practicum rotations at hospital sites will continue to be in-person.

You are encouraged to receive the 3rd dose booster shot when eligible.

For the 2021-22 school year, the University of Toronto has planned for a gradual and safe return to campus and in-person learning.

In order to ensure the safety of students and faculty, all those intending to be present on campus must:

  1. Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination via UCheck. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated or have received a University-approved exemption must participate in the University’s rapid screening program and provide proof of a negative result before visiting campus.
  2. Provide self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival on campus via UCheck or manual process.
  3. Wear non-medical face masks in all indoor spaces.
  4. Observe physical distancing.

The situation of COVID-19 continues to evolve. The University is following guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada and the above policy is subject to change.

COVID-19 Information for University of Toronto Students has the most up-to-date information regarding the University’s policy on COVID-19.

Teaching Hospital and Institution policy for PAs

In addition to following the University's policy on COVID-19, you must also follow the COVID-19 policy of the teaching hospital and institution when participating in Practicum rotations and the Capstone research project. The Practicum course coordinators and Capstone research project supervisors are responsible to ensure you are aware of, and are in compliance with, the policy.