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Research Day (SURE Program)

The LMP SURE Program Research Day will be held on August 12, 2022. 

All students accepted onto the LMP Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program (SURE) are expected to present a poster and submit an abstract. 

Poster competition winners 2021

The last LMP SURE Program Research Day was held on August 13, 2021. Winners were announced by Dr. Jeff Lee and Dr. Rita Kandel. 

We had a series of wonderful poster presentations from all 43 undergraduate students taking part in the program. Congratulations to all!

Group 1

1st prize: Sean Jeong, Supervisor Karim Mekhail

2nd prize shared by: Helia Hatam Tehrani, Supervisor Ali Sakhdari and Will Jeong, Supervisor Karim Mekhail

Group 2

1st prize: Amanda Mao, Supervisor Susan Done

2nd prize: Nathaniel Vo, Supervisor Susan Done

Group 3

1st prize: Alex Xiang, Supervisor Stephen Juvet

2nd prize: Christina Wong, Supervisor Susan Poutanen

Group 4

1st prize: Anisha Hundal, Supervisor Clinton Robbins

2nd prize: Rhidita Saha, Supervisor Michelle Bendeck

Group 5

1st prize: Alex Cho, Supervisor Amy Wong

2nd prize shared by: Brendon Wood, Supervisor Adele Changoor and Britney Tian, Supervisor Shinichiro Ogawa

Group 6

1st prize: Aaron Dou, Supervisor Scott Yuzwa

2nd prize: Victor Pham Truong, Supervisor Valerie Wallace

Group 7

1st prize: Diana Gawol, Supervisor Jeffrey Lee

2nd prize: Mahdieh Golzari-Sorkheh, Supervisor Jeremy Sivak

Other talks

Thank you to everyone who presented, including our inspirational research talks from:

  • Dr. Kristiana Xhima (Post Doc)
  • Jonah Burke-Kleinman (PhD candidate)
  • Christina Ji (MSc candidate)