Dynamic collaboration

Dynamic Collaboration: Pillar 2 of the LMP Strategic Plan

Create the structures that enable and encourage local and international collaborations for a greater global impact.

Taskforces made up of learners, faculty and staff will work on projects and enable our strategic pillars. 

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Objective 1

Enhance connections and communication between basic scientists and clinicians, across programs, disciplines, and the University.

Projects related to objective 1. We will be:

  • Providing a platform to enable faculty and learners to find people who are interested in the same topics, approaches and/or opportunities (i.e. establish a community / collaboration hub for interest groups)
  • Building in regular networking events 
  • Considering establishing cross-disciplinary initiatives (i.e. collaborative
    specialization programs, catalyst grants, co-supervision, joint courses /
    programs, and co-curricular activities)
  • Identifying cross-university opportunities for natural partnerships to fill  clinical and knowledge gaps, (e.g., clinical embryology and computational medicine & biology)
  • Developing curriculum / courses for the computational medicine & biology program
  • Promoting collaborative initiatives such as the Quality Council that advance harmonization of clinical laboratory practices
  • Fostering industry partnerships

Objective 2

Broaden LMP’s global health footprint.

Projects related to objective 2. We will be:

  • Expanding and broadening global outreach beyond forensic pathology
  • Increasing the profile of current global collaborative activities
  • Growing networks into indigenous communities
  • Fostering investigations into the impact of climate on health

Pillar 2 leads: contact us to get involved!

Vice Chair Quality


For objective 1

Vice Chair Research (Clinical)


For objective 1

Vice Chair Research (Life Sciences)


For objective 1

Michael Pollanen

Dr. Michael Pollanen

Vice Chair Global Health


For objective 2

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