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25 years of LMP

On July 1, 1997, the Department of Laboratory Medicine was officially founded at the University of Toronto.

Join us as we celebrate this milestone in our department!

We will be adding content here throughout the academic year.

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Share your memories of LMP!

We have created a virtual memory board to capture some of the moments in LMP history. If you have been affiliated with LMP in any way and have memories to share - add to the board.

Alternatively, send your comments and/or photos to lmp.communications@utoronto.ca to add on your behalf.

Hear the story of LMP through our Chairs

We'll be speaking to the Chairs of LMP to discover how and why LMP was founded, and how it has grown over the years.

Dr. Avrum Gotlieb, the founding Chair of LMP talks about how the merger happened and why (and where the department name came from).

Following in the footsteps of founding Chair, Dr. Avrum Gotlieb, Dr. Hegele became the second Chair of LMP in 2009.  He talks about the development of LMP.

Dr. Rita Kandel, our current Chair since 2017, talks about her leadership focus and what the future brings for LMP with the launch of the new strategic plan.

Dr. Patrick Kim, now a Forensic Fellow in his final year of study in the Department of Laboratory Medicine in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine talks about starting in LMP in the undergraduate Specialist Program in Pathobiology in 2003. With 12 years of LMP education under his belt so far, he has taken part in almost every program the department has to offer.