Agile education

Agile Education: Pillar 5 of the LMP Strategic Plan

Create responsive and equitable education that reflects the evolution of our field and supports the development of lifelong learners and leaders.

Taskforces made up of learners, faculty and staff will work on projects and enable our strategic pillars. 

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Objective 1

Continue to evolve our curriculum to incorporate the rapidly changing advances in science and laboratory medicine.

Projects related to objective 1. We will be:

  • Establishing an Education Council
  • Embedding a core stream of “emerging essentials” that everyone who studies at LMP will develop basic literacy in, regardless of their discipline (e.g. translational research, genomics, AI, bioethics, commercialization).

Objective 2

Embed equity, diversity and inclusion into the curriculum.

Projects related to objective 2. We will be:

  • Reviewing existing programs with an Equity, Diversity, Indigeneity, Inclusion, Accessibility (EDIIA) lens
  • Reviewing recruitment practices with an EDIIA lens

Objective 3

Foster individualized pathways that allow for “personalized learning”. Strengthen education scholarship around fostering development of innovative teaching models for virtual and in-person learning.

Projects related to objective 3. We will be:

  • Expanding funding so all learners in LMP can participate in the LMP Workshop Program 
  • Expanding our portfolio of graduate modules and certificate programs as needed
  • Growing our CPD offerings 
  • Developing educational technology programs, starting with our postgraduate medical programs
  • Exploring innovative teaching models for virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning

Objective 4

Work to embed the basics of LMP knowledge into the broader medical/health science education across the Faculty to strengthen the awareness of lab diagnostics’ contributions to health outcomes.

Projects related to objective 4. We will be:

  • Inserting faculty into medical school education and creating an Associate  Chair in Undergraduate Clinical Education
  • Developing opportunities to educate the greater community on the importance of laboratory medicine in clinical practice and healthcare

Pillar 5 leads: contact us to get involved!

George Yousef

Dr. George Yousef

Vice Chair Education (Postgraduate Clinical)

For objectives 1, 3, 4

Michael Ohh

Dr. Michael Ohh

Vice Chair Education (Life Sciences)

For objectives 1, 3, 4

Jeff Lee

Dr. Jeff Lee

Associate Vice Chair Education (Life Sciences)

For objectives 1, 3

Co-Vice Chair Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (WIDE)

For objective 2

Co-Vice Chair Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (WIDE)

For objective 2

Vice Chair Quality

For objective 4

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