Harmonization of critical values across the GTA hospitals

Critical values aid in the interpretation of patient test results.

Harmonization of critical values used by hospitals and their associated clinical laboratories across the GTA is essential to ensure consistency in the definition and identification of 'critical state' patients.

To assess the feasibility for harmonization of critical values across GTA, we are surveying Laboratory Medicine departments of hospitals in areas of:

  • Genetics
  • Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Pathology

View an update from the project team

We held a workshop on May 5, 2021, covering an update and discussion on the project, presented by Dr. Elaine Goh and Dr. Felix Leung.

Current available guidelines

GP47 Management of Critical- and Significant-Risk Results, 1st Edition

This guideline provides current best practice recommendations for developing and implementing a policy and procedures for the identification, reporting, and management of critical- and significant-risk laboratory results.

It emphasises management responsibilities such as development of the policy, the process, procedures, job descriptions, and monitoring systems that ensure effective reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Relevant publications for further information

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Latest news

Sep 23, 2021
A team at the University of Toronto has just published the first study of Ontario genetics laboratories' practice of reporting critical values to help define standards for the industry.

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